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The School

Building Strong, Resilient Communities  

~Teaching You How~

Our mission is to empower and nurture our community's well-being through a holistic approach that encompasses the traditional skills of mindset, movement, nutrition, sustainability on the homestead.  Through sustainable practices, age-old skills and active engagement, we seek to create a community that thrives physically, mentally, and emotionally while fostering a strong connection to the land and each other.

This is for the adventurous Wild Ones that are pulled by a spirit of rugged individualism, community reliance, and a desire to become resilient. 

We encourage the community to approach challenges with resilience, adaptability, and a growth-oriented perspective. Here you will find education, empowerment and straight up adventure as you learn to REWILD your life, homestead and your health and fitness journey. We have virtual and onsite classes, courses, workshops, recovery rooms, functional health coaching, genetic programs, retreats and more covering subjects and activities related to:

The Wild Athlete

Wild Movement

Wild Adventure

Wildly Sustainable Skills

Wild Nutrition

Wild Mindset

Grounded Recovery

You're now entering the WILD SIDE!


WILDBODY School of Wellness founder, Sandy Eplett, grew up on the salty beaches of South Florida and the beautiful woods of the Carolinas in the summer.

Becoming an elite gymnast at a young age, she trained for the 1984 Olympic Team and went on to become a competitive gymnastics coach. She had the opportunity to become an Olympic Floor Choreographer, but turned it down to start a life with her husband of 36 years.

After raising 5 children she went back to her love of Fitness and Wild Health and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach. 


She left college to pursue life with her farm raised husband and  5 children on a homestead in Eastern Michigan where she spent her days homeschooling her children, helping her husband run his construction business as well as running her own fitness business.


Being a "wild-crunchy mama" before the word was even coined, she was always looking for ways to eat healthy, exercise, and aid in healing her family with natural remedies. 


On any random day you might find her foraging the woods for Usnea, working in the garden or with the chickens, taking clippings of the wheat grass growing in her sunroom window and most definitely paddle boarding on the lake and throwing around some wild, heavy weight to stay strong. 

With all this, she realized it was time to bring her passion for Wild Wellness to others and WILDBODY School of Wellness was born. Building strong, resilient communities  through mindset, movement, nutrition and homestead development and design has become her life work. 

Sandy and her team offer Homestead Design and Development, Herbal Medicine Workshops, 1:1 Personal Coaching, Educational Workshops, Functional Health Coaching, The WILD BLUEPRINT™ Genetic Athlete Program and more.

About Sandy

Your Journey into the WILD

Classes and Courses

Green Forest
Trowel and Soil
Chicken and Vegetables



The body is designed to MOVE STRONG.

 From Animal Flow to Mobility to Bootcamps to Genetic Sports Performance to Recovery we offer classes/session/


 for you to get your WILD on. 



Learn how to support your WILBODY with nature's farmacy. In our WILD HERBALS classes and courses you will find scientifically backed ways to support and often times heal your body while learning to create your apothocary from your own backyard. 



Who doesn't love to get in the outdoors and connect with nature? It's fitness on a WILD LEVEL! If you are a rugged adventurist then this is for you! 







Learning how to be self sufficient and community reliant  is key to creating security in an unstable world. 

We have hired some of the best teachers in their respective fields of self sufficiency. If you desire to increase your knowledge of survival skills, homesteading, animal husbandry and so much more then these classes/courses/

workshops are for you. 



We take the guesswork out!


Using a whole food approach we teach you how to get back to real food and rewild your eating. No calorie counting. No macro counting. No trendy diet fads or misguided information. Just good food for a WILDBODY. 

Meet Your
Functional Health Team

Our Functional Health Team uses an holistic approach to treat chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, inflammation and more with a focus on nutrition, habit coaching and behavioral change. Utilizing your medical history and our HiPAA compliant DNA testing we help you heal from the inside out.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your healing journey.

Get started today.


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