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Development & Design

Family Garden

Garden Design

We help you create a sustainable and beautiful garden in your backyard. No matter how much space. Urban, land, and in between! 

Plan Your Garden Design​

Choose Sustainable Practices​

Create a Planting Scheme​

Wildlife-Friendly Features

​Paths and Hardscape​

Garden Art and Decor​





You design it. We build it! Custom Coops and She Sheds for the creative homesteader. 


Your coop can be a one of a kind! Just's a TajMahal for your chickens. 

Like the She Shed idea? Customize it as an office, a reading nook, a craft station and more. 

Rusty Windmill

Homestead Development

We help you design your homestead to function like it should.


Permaculture Design

Medicinal Garden Integration

Renewable Energy Solutions

Water Harvesting Systems

Beauty and Aesthetics

Sustainable Building Techniques

Soil Improvement Strategies

Perennial Crop Planning

These offerings encompass a holistic approach to homestead development, creating a harmonious and self-sustaining ecosystem.

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