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Are You In Danger?

I’ve never been one to stay put.

Danger lurks on the couch.

Danger of stagnation.

Danger of doubt.

Danger of missing out on God’s call.

40 years ago I had a nudge from God that He was going to use me as a conduit to rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated. Isaiah 59:12

In 4 days it will be 40 years from that promise.

Where I am now and the valleys I’ve had to go through pale in comparison to the promise.

God takes His people through the wilderness BEFORE they step into the promise.

If you’re feeling tired and wondering if God hears you- just know- He has you in the wilderness preparing you for that promise. Stay the course. Lean into His plans and purposes for you. It will come to pass. He will make good on His promises.

I am about to step into the beginning of that promise from Isaiah and my heart wants to explode.

It’s ALL been worth it.

Every tear.

Every dagger.

Every waiting period.

Every bit of shaping on that potters wheel.

25 days until the ancient ruins begin rebuilding.

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