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How to Stretch Your Buff City Laundry Soap

Are you a Buff City Laundry Soap fan? The smell of Narcissist Laundry Soap is right up there with fresh baked bread and wild huckleberry. Can you smell it? It permeates the clothes, sheets and floors. Yes, I mop with it.

Good smelling, non toxic, works like a champ, laundry soap is hard come by. Buff City Narcissist changed all that. With its secret plant based formula and amazing smells it has hit the South like a breath of fresh air.


It can be pricey when you have a lot of laundry to do. Buff City Laundry Soap is $19.50 + tax for 30 oz/30 uses, which comes out to .70 cents per load.....unless, you get it at BOGO 1/2 off. Even then....

I have been wracking my brain as to how to make it....and then it occurred to me.

"Duh, you make your own soap, Sandy.....maybe you can come up with a recipe that simply stretches the life of this intoxicating, toxic free, clean washing powder."

Why all the fuss though? Why not just go to the big box store and getcha some good ole' laundry soap in the plastic container? Why go through the trouble of making your own?

For starters...because I can. I am a HUGE proponent of "DIY". I pretty much DIY everything. And, I like being able to make healthy products for my family that don't cost an arm and a leg. I also like to save money.....and dog gone it...I really wanted to extend that smell at a fraction of the cost.

Buff City Soap is a new kid on the block and they have many aromas that you can choose from. Step one foot into their store and you'll be ambushed by 101 fragrances that will tantalize your senses. Their soaps are plant based and safe for those with allergies. I like the ingredients and I like the smell.

But....I am averse to the price.

Because of this I decided to put my hand to some trial and error on creating a recipe that gets the clothes clean, is non toxic and smells like narcissist from Buff City. Because....ya' smells divine in my house right now!

Let's talk about what is in this laundry cocktail.

2 bars fragrance free Castile soap

1/3 of a container of Narcissist Laundry Soap

(optional: oxyclean booster)

Put the bar of soap in a food processor and blend to make granules. In a large bowl add the remainder ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Place in a glass container for storage and use 2 Tablespoons or 1 heaping Scoop in a full load of laundry. Add a bit of white vinegar to the rinse to soften clothing.

This makes 7 cups of dry laundry soap. At the cost of $18.25 for 112oz or 56 uses....coming out to .33 cents per load.

That is less than 1/2 the price! Can I get a hallelujah? Are you ready to do some laundry????

Laundry has never smelled so good or felt so good to my pocketbook!

Lean in ......can you smell it?

Let me know if you try it!

Notes: Washing Soda, aka sodium carbonate (or soda ash), is a natural cleaner and a powerful water softener. It's very basic with a ph of 11. The Environmental Working group gives it an "A" on their scale, making it safe and non-toxic. (not edible, but safe for human use)

Full disclosure: affiliate links are included

Stay Wild and Fresh,


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