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Corn Field Barn


We hope this list is helpful for answering all your questions.

We rely on you to help us make this successful! 

What is ETHA?

We are an organization seeking to provide collaboration and education to homesteaders ,homestead organizations, cottage industries and the homestead movement. Our goal is to foster community, embrace heritage skills and teach the next generation how to get back to the land. 

How do I join?

Subscribe to the newsletter to be kept in the loop of all the happenings in ETHA. Become a vendor, speaker, sponsor or volunteer. You can go here to apply as a vendor or volunteer: GET INVOLVED

What will my ticket look like?

You will be issued a virtual ticket once you purchase. It will be sent to your email. You will pick up a wrist band at the registration tent upon entering the festival. NO ONE will be allowed entrance without a wristband. It must be worn at all times and for both days. 

Are there refunds? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. As you can imagine putting on an event this size takes considerable manpower and resources. Therefore, no refunds will be available. 

Can I bring my dog? 

Unfortunately there are no animals allowed as we may have livestock to consider. If you have a papered service animal they are allowed as long as they are kept with the owner and with appropriate gear. 

Are there areas for handicapped attendees? 

Yes, the event grounds are handicap friendly. Please note: the ground may be bumpy or soft as it is in a large field. There is a long dirt road to walk to the grounds area. Let us know if you need assistance. 

Can I transfer my ticket if I am unable to attend. 

Yes, please be sure to contact Sandy


Parking is free. Please note this is a rain or shine event. Dress accordingly. We are not responsible for items left in your vehicle. There may be some walking involved. Be sure to purchase a VIP ticket in order to have access to the closest parking.

Times & Gates

Parking opens at 7am. Gates open at 8am - be sure to be here early to get the best parking and vendor availability. Opening Ceremonies start at 8:30AM with a message from the founders. The first speakers begin at 9AM EST and end at 5:30 PM EST. There will be music, food and vendors open until 8 PM EST on Friday and 5:30pm on Saturday.

Food and Vendors

Food trucks and vendors will be on-site offering a variety of menu items. 


We have a concession stand with water so you don't have to stand in line at food trucks for water.


Attendees will be allowed to bring their own food and beverages throughout the conference. Alcohol prohibited! Note:  bags and coolers are subject to staff checks for prohibited items at will. You may bring a small hand-pulled wagon if you wish, there is NO place to store belongings. Anything you don't wish to carry, leave in your vehicle. 


Picnic tables will be available in designated areas. 

Can I leave and still check back in? 

Yes, but you must have your wristband on to gain entrance. 

I can't afford to attend. 

We understand! We’ve all been there before. Please consider becoming a volunteer at the festival! All volunteers receive free admission (after the purchase of a ticket - it will be reimbursed within 10 business days of you covering your shift. Should you default on your shift, your ticket remains viable for charging. Enjoy the festival and when you're not working you will be able to mingle, visit vendors, and attend the lectures.  

Should I bring cash?

Vendors and food trucks at the event do accept credit cards, although the internet connection can be sluggish. As homesteaders, we still appreciate the simplicity of cash transactions. To expedite your purchases and take advantage of exclusive conference specials, it's advisable to bring some cash with you. With plenty of exciting items available for your homestead, you might find it convenient to have cash on hand.

What is the schedule? 

The festival schedule will be made available online a few weeks prior to the event. Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our email newsletter so you get notified as soon as it’s available. 

A print-quality digital version cannot be made available online due to resizing issues rendering the text too small to be legible after printing. A print copy is available in the program at the ticket booth when you check-in.

How do I purchase tickets? 

Check out the ticket page under Events

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