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Building Strong-Resilient Communities 

Cow and Calf

East Tennessee Homestead Alliance (ETHA)

The mission of the East TN Homestead Alliance is to serve as the central hub and unifying force for various homestead organizations across East Tennessee. Our goal is to bring together these local groups under one supportive umbrella, creating a network that facilitates collaboration, resource sharing, and the collective pursuit of homesteading knowledge and values. By fostering this cohesive community, we strive to empower homesteaders and promote self-sufficiency, sustainability, and a shared commitment to the betterment of our region through homestead education and advocacy. 

We look forward to locking arms with you! 

                    Steve & Sandy Eplett

Be a Part of the Movement

Green Farm

Friends of the Alliance

"We are excited about our partnership with the Alliance. They will prove to be an integral part of the community."

Haley Hall, The Reserve at BlueBird Hill

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Stay WILD & Homesteady,
         Steve & Sandy

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