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Our Mission

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East Tennessee Homestead Alliance (ETHA)

Embracing Heritage Skills, Cultivating Community, Equipping the Next Generation—we extend a warm invitation to join a movement that is as much about rediscovering the past as it is about forging a sustainable future. Our mission is to weave a tapestry of resilience and abundance, through the revival of time-honored skills, the nurturing of a vibrant, supportive community, and the empowerment of every individual to contribute to a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. Journey with us back to the wisdom of our ancestors. In every heirloom seed, in every handcrafted tool, and in every age-old farming practice, there lies a story of resilience, innovation, and harmony with nature. We are dedicated to unearthing and sharing this knowledge, not just as a testament to our history, but as a vital blueprint for our sustainable living practices. Whether you're learning to tend your first vegetable patch, mastering the art of natural dyeing, or building with traditional techniques, we're here to guide you, connecting you with the skills that have sustained humanity through the ages.​


Our roots run deep in the fertile ground of community. We believe in the power of collective action and shared knowledge to transform individual efforts into a thriving ecosystem of sustainability. By fostering a network of homesteaders, artisans, and green-thumbed visionaries, we're not just growing food and raising livestock; we're nurturing a forest of interconnected lives, learning from each other and supporting one another through every season of life. Our platforms and gatherings are designed to be a meeting ground for exchanging ideas, celebrating successes, and facing challenges together, ensuring that no one walks the path alone.​The future lies in the hands of those we are nurturing today.


Our commitment is to inspire and empower the next generation with the tools, knowledge, and passion needed to continue the journey towards a sustainable and fulfilling life. Through educational programs, hands-on workshops, and engaging storytelling, we aim to spark a sense of wonder and responsibility in young hearts and minds. By making sustainability a tangible part of their lives, we are not just teaching skills; we are instilling values that will lead to a healthier planet and a more compassionate society.​

As visionaries, we see a horizon where every individual has the means to contribute positively to their environment, where communities thrive on mutual aid and respect, and where the legacy of our collective actions ensures a verdant, thriving earth for generations to come. This is our mission, rooted in the past, growing in the present, and reaching out to the future. Join us in this journey of transformation, as we embrace heritage skills, cultivate community, and equip the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of a world in need of wisdom, care, and renewal.​                 


  Steve & Sandy Eplett

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Homestead Directory

Here at East Tennessee Homestead Alliance we are passionate about connecting you with local homestead organizations so that you can connect within your area. Click the link below for the list. Want to be included on the list? Subscribe below and then send us an email with your information. See you on the homestead! 

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Stay WILD & Homesteady,
         Steve & Sandy

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