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Are you too busy?

Life is VERY busy! I get it! Especially in the month of December!

Do you feel like you are spinning in all sorts of directions? Kinda like a kite caught in a tail spin?

I know I do at times!

I was polling some of my students/clients and social media following about why they feel they aren't getting the results they'd like.

Do you know what many of them said?

"I'm too busy to focus on me right now."

As I began to ask questions about this I realized that it wasn't just the holiday was every season. Every season had a "too busy" reason to address their health.

I used to say this when I wasn't prioritizing my goals, no matter what they were.

People would say...."How are you doing?"

I would say, "I am SO BUSY." As if this is a mantra to successful living.

Do you feel me?

Staying "too busy" keeps you from reaching ANY GOAL.

If when we are confronted with the question of get in the gym, eat healthy, go for a walk, put down that soda pop...etc....and we say "I'm too busy", what we are really saying is, "Going to the gym, eating healthy, going for a walk or putting down that soda pop isn't a priority. It isn't important."

When we stop giving the excuse of "I'm too busy" and instead say , "It's not a priority" we can begin to reframe our mind. It's what we are saying anyway...we are just spinning a lie to ourselves.

Let me say that again....YOU ARE SPINNING LIES to yourself in the form of marytrdom.

You are literally dying on the hill of TOO BUSY. You are sacrificing your health, your future self, your present on the altar of TOO BUSY.

Why not just be honest and say "IT'S NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CHANGE."At least then you can work with that.

We can all change. We can all find what is important, even in a busy world.

If you don't make time for what is important now you will eventually HAVE TO MAKE TIME for disease care.

And no one has time for that.

If you are ready to change and make your health a PRIORITY then make a plan and work it.

If you need help with a plan, reach out. I have helped hundreds of busy women, just like you make themselves a priority.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am going LIVE with the 5 REASONS YOU AREN'T GETTING RESULTS. It's a FREE FB LIVE VIDEO that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

If you are tired of making excuses and realize that you need to do something now...then let's chat here.

PS. January is coming....2023 is only 4 weeks away and we will be launching a BRAND NEW program in our W.I.L.D. BLUEPRINT community. Stay tuned for ALL THE WILD DEETS!



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