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EXCUSES and Why You Make Them


We all make them.

Some of us more than others.

We've become professional excuse makers. We spend more time making excuses than we do making progress.

You know how it is. You have a goal.

You want to be strong. You want to lose the belly fat. You want to build muscle. You want to lose weight. You want to fit into those skinny jeans.


You don't have time-

The kids take up all your space-

Your tired-

You've worked too long-

You don't have the right accountabliity-

You aren't motivated-

You don't have a gym-

Your job is too stressful-

No one believes in you-

Should I keep going?

You make those, at least one of those don't you?

WHY? Why do we make excuses when we want to better ourselves?

Let's unpack the brain. What an amazing organ we've been given.

It's fluid. It's strong. It's capable. It can rewire. It's always working.

Our brain is wired to keep us safe, to stay with the status quo. It gets uneasy when we challenge the way things have been, even though it has an insatiable appetite for growth.

When a process seems scary, confusing, taxing our brain kicks into high gear.

The brain has to this fight or flight?

If it's used to flighting...running, then this will be more challenging. If you are accustomed to feeding it negative thoughts then it will default to this. The neuro-pathways are like highways in the brain.

It's like going to work the same way each day. You don't even think about it. But, when you take a new really have to pay attention. It seems to take longer. You may get confused as to where you are for a moment. This can lead to frustration and the feeling that you simply want to go back to what is familiar.

It's in this split second decision that your brain decides what your process looks like.

It's all a part of the process. It's NORMAL.

Don't fight it. Understand it.

Understand that this is what the brain is designed to do....until....YOUR WILL GETS INVOLVED.

The brain is going to pull from something deeper than itself if you allow it. It will pull from the will. From deep within the recesses of your being.

Getting those 18 inches from the head to the heart can be challenging, but not impossible.

Did you know that your WILL and BRAIN are either friends or enemies?

What is the WILL?

It is the part of you that sits deep within the soul. The part that speaks to the heart.

If your will is wishy washy, undetermined, questioning your resolve then your brain will go into flight mode. It will create every excuse under the sun to keep you from reaching your goals. The brain becomes your greatest enemy.

Why? Because it wasn't really important to you.

Seriously, it wasn't important to you.

When your will is solid, determined, without questioning... your brain follows suit. When your goal, pursuit, desire IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, your brain will fight for every reason to keep you on the path.

It will annihilate every excuse. It will be your will's best friend.

Are you ready for your brain to fight for what you desire?

Ask yourself if it's important.

If it's not...your brain will create every excuse to defeat you.


Get STRONG-Stay Wild,


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