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Recovery: Why it's IMPORTANT

As am former competitive gymnast I know all too well the pain of inflammation. After injuring my hip with a labral tear I was told that I have arthritis in 85% of my body. Well, if that doesn't sound like Tin Man Syndrome I don't know what does.

According to my orthopedic surgeon it was from the sins of my youth. As a competitive gymnast I hammered my joints 6 days a week for 4 hours at a time. Multiply that times 10 years and you have some serious joint issues showing up later in life.

I didn't know how to take care of my body back then. I was unaware of the dangers of over training and under recovery. I never knew the importance of epsom salt baths, foam rolling, sleep, grounding or BEMER Mat therapy. And it shows!

I spend more time in recovery these days than actual training so I can oil the tin man and keep him mobile!

Let's talk about what happens when we don't spend time in proper recovery.

If you are an athlete and involved in your sport with intense exercise then you are creating micro-tears in your muscles. These tears help the muscle to grow and perform for your sport.... and it happens during rest...essentially sleep.

If you are burning the candle at both ends you are essentially burning out. When the body hits burn out it begins to show it with inflammation. Inflammation leads to injuries and injuries lead to time out of your sport. Not only that, but left unattended it becomes a chronic problem in your later years. Ask me how I know....It becomes a viscous cycle.

In order to see gains, increase performance, have less injuries you must give your body time to recover. Seriously....this is no time to GO BIG OR GO HOME.

"But, Sandy, I play my sport 5-6 days a week! What am I supposed to do to have proper do I even find time?" Great question!

If you know you lack in this area then here are a few tips:

1) HYDRATE the body before, during and after. Hydration alone helps to replace important nutrients that help fight fatigue, inflammation and injuries. Adding a pinch of Redman Sea Salt to your water goes a long way. Or if you need a quicker, pre packaged, tastier option try HYDRATE.

2) It goes without saying....WARM UP -COOL DOWN. That one is self explanatory.

3) After EACH training session or game: drop down for some mobile drills, foam roll, and take an epsom salt bath.

4) When you aren't training...get your feet into the grass, dirt or water outside. Spending time outdoors is crucial to recovery on many fronts. Walk barefoot outside for 10 min. Let your skin soak up the sunshine for 15-30 min without sunscreen.

5) SLEEP. Sleep at least 6-9 hours a night. Go to bed with the sun and get up with the sun. Your body repairs as it sleeps. THIS IS CRUCIAL.

6) Find someone with a BEMER Mat , purchase your own (or come see me and book a session on the mat) and get in some BEMER therapy. You need every advantage you can get to outperform the competition. At the highest level, a good recovery can mean the difference between coming out on top and going home disappointed. That’s why athletes worldwide recover with BEMER.

This proven PEMF system is a holistic, easy-to-use, and non-invasive way to optimize the body. Just two eight-minute sessions a day can enhance recovery, muscular strength, conditioning, and performance.

7) Take a full day or full week off from intense blocks of training. Your body needs a reset and a recovery window in order to perform at its best. You won't lose your edge...if anything you'll gain it over the competition who is slaying it non stop. Know when to rest.

Recovery is one of the hottest topics right now and for good reason. We have been a society that demonizes slowing down to speed up. But, if you're anything like'll be glad you took care of your body in your youth.


Coach Sandy

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