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WHY your approach isn't working

It's frustrating ...isn't it?!

You diet, you exercise, you cut out entire food groups, you go to the gym daily and you STILL AREN'T REACHING YOUR GOALS!

I get it! I was there! It was discouraging that what my friend Lori was doing wasn't working for me. I tried to cut out carbs...that just left me tired and hungry. I tried to go with Intermittent Fasting...that left me scrounging in the fridge for anything and everything! I tried keto...I ended up gaining weight!

Why is this so challenging? Why isn't there an easier answer?

There is!

You are UNIQUE! You are NOT LIKE ANYONE ELSE! (unless you have a twin...but you are still unique even from them)

Your DNA is UNLIKE anyone else's. It's unique to you and only you!

Your DNA determines things like: hair color, eye color, size, muscle fibers, predispositions to life and so much more! There is a lot going on in that body of yours!

Once I understood my DNA life became clear. It was as if I was given the road map to my unique body! The guesswork was gone. The needle in the haystack was visible and I was now on track to my best self.

I had in my hands a 46 page HIPAA compliant report that broke down in layman's terms what my body needed for the most optimal fat loss, optimal workouts, optimal hormonal balance, optimal nutritional needs, and optimal detoxification systems.

I felt like I hit the lottery! That is until I actually read how "poster child" I was for the worst genetics on the planet!

Let me explain: I have the obesity gene, overweight gene, addictive tendencies gene, high fat sensitivity gene, low hormone uptake gene, high weight regain gene and the MTHFR gene....yup! I am a hot mess!

It was all making sense now why I wanted to eat the ENTIRE BOX of Oreos, go back for 2nds and 3rds and why KETO never worked!!

BUT.....what I have learned is the your DNA is NOT YOUR DESTINY! The DNA loads the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.

As I have implemented my DNA findings I am rocking that lean body even at 55 years old!

Now, it wasn't always that way! I had the Freshman 15 that never seemed to go away and don't get me started on all that baby weight I had to figure out where to put!

But, 3 years ago I began to implement my DNA findings and my life changed!

No more guesswork. All the tools I need to eat for me, workout for me and create longevity for me. I want to be here for my grand kids. And not just be here, but be STRONG!

If you are tired of the same old confusing ads, confusing dogma and you want REAL ANSWERS about your body...then we need to chat.

No more guesswork. All the tools I need to.... eat for me, workout for me and create longevity for me. I want to be here for my grand kids. And not just be here, but be STRONG!ONG!NG!G!

I offer FREE CONSULTS. Seriously! FREE! Let's chat and see what it is that you truly need for YOU!

See ya on the WILD SIDE~


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