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Eat, Train, Recover According to Your Genetics

  • 45 minutes
  • 469 US dollars

Service Description

TEAM WILD BLUEPRINT™ PROGRAM- Where Athlete & Genetics Meet ​ Teams interested in increasing the performance of their athletes will appreciate this team program. ​ Designed to take each athlete through their unique DNA report and create peak performance eating, training, and recovery for their sport.  Let's fuel your athlete with customized nutrition. We take the guesswork out of what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. Feeling frustrated about how to feed your athlete? Would you like to see increased performance from your athlete? Each athlete is different according to their genetics. What other athletes are doing might not be what your athlete should be doing. She/he might need a different protocol. After years of being an elite athlete and increasing performance in her sport, Sandy, CSNC, has devised a customized nutrition plan based off of your athlete's unique genetics that will alleviate all the guesswork for you. We help your athlete EAT, SUPPLEMENT & RECOVER according to their unique genetic blueprint. No more wondering if you are fueling your athlete with what THEIR body needs to perform best. We teach how to build and maintain muscle mass, which foods to avoid, which nutrients you actually need and more importantly, which ones you don’t. Here we find out the answers to everything you’ve wanted to know about training, food intolerance, and vitamin deficiencies. Includes everything you need to optimize your training, recovery, and nutrition… Let us do the heavy lifting and give you an optimized and customized nutrition plan. STOP THE GUESSING GAME. Get real, scientific backed, unique to you and your athlete nutrition. It's our WILD ATHLETE NUTRITION BLUEPRINT PROGRAM. THE WILD BLUEPRINT™ INCLUDED: DNA KIT DNA REVIEW CUSTOMIZED SUPPLEMENT PROTOCOL CUSTOMIZED NUTRITIONAL PLAN PICKY EATERS PLAN ACCESS TO SPORTS PERFORMANCE NUTRITION WORKSHOPS PRIVATE FB GROUP ZOOM ACCESS TO SANDY TEAM DISCOUNTS OF 10% APPLY WHEN 10 OR MORE ATHLETES SIGN ON AT ONE TIME Book a Consult for Sandy to introduce this to your team coach.

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Loudon, TN, USA

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